The Journey So Far…Bhavisha Jivram


So my names Bhavisha and I’m getting married July this year. My fiancé Atish is from Hitchin and we have been together for over two years now! Wedding planning commenced after he took me to Rome and proposed in a high end rooftop restaurant overlooking the colosseum. I was speechless to say the least….of course after I said “Yes” to marrying him.

So we started with venue hunting and because we wanted to find something close to Rugby it ended up being quite hard as trying to find a place that was nice but could hold upto 450-500 people turned out to be more difficult than we thought. But after seeing a few venues and emailing and calling many places we came across Daventry Court Hotel which held the amount of guests we required, was close to Rugby, was within our budget and looked amazing too.

Décor was the next big challenge…. Trying to find a mandap we liked that was within our budget was tricky as well as many companies we went to check out had such difference in prices for same or similar looking Mandaps/décor setting. For décor we then decided to go with Sapphire Events as they had hosted and did the décor of many parties/weddings I had been to and again the way they handled us as clients was great as they listened to what we envisioned and gave us ideas on how they could make our vision even better!

For outfit shopping and invites I did a trip to India with the family and it was one of the best decisions I made. The amount of choice available is endless and the cost was also another big factor. After literally two days of shopping around I found my wedding and reception outfits after that was done I was able to sort matching jewellery and accessories etc. Then we sorted the wedding invites out which again was very cost effective.

Being a mehndi artist myself, trying to find someone whos worked I liked was very difficult. I looked at so many instagrams, facebook pages and couldn’t find the style of mehndi I wanted. The one I did find quoted me £500 ….which was a bit on the pricey side….so my search continued and again by word of mouth I came across someone from Coventry whose work I fell in love with and so I went ahead and booked her!

My next project was to ask my loved ones to be bridesmaids and sister to be maid of honour! I know I wanted to do a little gift bag with bits and bobs in it. So I had little glass bottles with little corks and did like a “message in a bottle “- I managed to write in the message if they would be my bridesmaid and personalised it with their name on the other side. I handed those to my bridesmaid (I met up with them individually) and after they said yes I handed them their bridesmaid sarees and the little gift bags- within the bags I had personalised candles with mehndi designs, their names and “bridesmaid” drawn on them with mehndi, a photo collage with a personal message on the back, sweets, a pair of heavy earrings and a nail vanish. Sorting all this out was pretty hectic and took time- I know the wedding hub has great ideas and boxes for bridesmaids so it’s something I would’ve considered if I did it again as doing it myself took more time than imagined.

Planning honeymoon I think was the most exciting part for us. We started enquiring from various travel agents and websites. We both knew that we wanted a multi-destination honeymoon which gave us the chance to explore as well as relax and have lazy days on the beach. We had both decided on North Thailand, Krabi Island, Malaysia and Bali. We got itineraries made from the various different agencies and then went with the itinerary/hotels we liked the most.

I am now currently trying to find a hair and MUA- as there are so many around this is proving to be very difficult and confusing but trying to find someone who is reasonably  priced and also very good at both hair and make up is tough! Catering and wedding cake are still in the process of getting sorted  and for wedding favours we are  going nice and  simple with designed colourful pouches with sweets in,  with a personalised thank you tag tied with ribbon. Seating plans and flower bouquets for myself and the girlies are also in the pipeline and will hopefully be sorted soon.

Atish and I have thoroughly enjoyed planning every bit of the wedding together and have enjoyed the experience. Having the advice of many of our friends and family members that have got married in the past few years has really helped us. The one reason I would consider a wedding planner would be more for the contacts they have as they know the right people in each different industry and provide you with a lot of help when coming to decision making, making the whole process a lot smoother and a lot less stressful!

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