NO CAKE?! …Sumi

Friday 25th March 2016… My wedding day.. The day i became a Wife.

The morning after the night before which was a fun packed filled pre-wedding party.

Slept at 3am after i had a good cry to myself knowing that this would be my last night as a singleton in my parents home, i had a broken sleep and was woken up at 7.30am by messages, missed calls and voicemails on my phone all from family and friends who wanted to wish me well. I got myself out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen where my mum was on the phone to a relative with tears in her eyes.

I quickly downed a cup of tea as i had a crazy headache and rang my best friend to wake her up as we were both going to my wedding venue/hotel to drop off my things for the wedding reception. Within 45 mins she came to collect me and off we went.

As i got to the venue my aunt was already waiting for me in my hotel room where she had neatly hung up my dress, sorted out my wedding jewellery and placed my wedding shoes all ready to wear and she put a little plaque on the dresser that said ‘REACH FOR THE STARS’- THIS IS WHEN REALITY HIT HOME, IT WAS ACTUALLY MY WEDDING DAY!!! The day i had dreamt of and planned in my head, all i wanted was for everything to go well for me and the family.

The 3 of us then went down to the reception room where the venue decorators had already arrived and were working hard at it. Everything looked so good. The 3 of us then left and went back home.

I walked into a house full of visitors who were due to have lunch
with us before my Nikah (islamic wedding) took place. My stomach was churning, my nerves were kicking in and my head was still sore, but this didnt stop me from making a homemade face mask to give me that glow i wanted for the evening ahead!

I had a bath, got ready, the guests had eaten (obviously not me, i was way too nervous) and the time was 1.30pm my Nikah was going to take place any minute now at the mosque and i was going to hear it at home. I walked into a quiet lounge full of all my close female relatives and sat in between my mum and grandma, my body started to shake, thoughts were going through my mind, this was it, it was happening, my husband to be was sat in the Mosque in  front of the Imam waiting to say yes, and all i could think of was, is he feeling the same as me? Is he ok? Is this really happening? Emotions began to rin wild, My body began to shake more, my breathing became rapid and the next thing i felt was my mum hold me tight.

I heard the imam say my name and my husband to be’s name and ask him if he was happy to marry me, then i heard my husbands voice say ‘i agree to this marriage’ this was it!!! I was officialy a married woman, it was a done deal and everybody present had witnessed it! My eyes then filled with water, i hugged my mum so tight, i was ecstatic yet so sad that i was leaving her. It was such an emotional time but so exciting. I spent the next few moments with my loved ones and had a good cry, i thanked everyone individually for all that they had done for me and taught me.

Emotions ran through me all afternoon even whilst getting my hair and makeup done, my best friend was with me calming my nerves and taking good care of me but even through all of the emotion, i still felt on top of the world and at this point was i longing to see my husband 7.30pm couldnt come any faster.

7pm came i could see the guests arriving at the venue, i was upstairs in the hotel room taking a peek through the window looking to see who i could spot (trying to look out for my husband!!!) i started to get extremely nervous.c5b166ec-cddd-4faa-934f-a1e6feb1839c

My parents and family came up to see me dressed as a bride and we all had to contain our emotions, i couldnt cry and i wouldnt cry at this stage because i’d just spent £400 on getting my hair and makeup done by a world reknowned MUA!

My time now came and i had to go into the venue and take that final walk down the aisle with my parents beside me, At this point it felt like a giant enormous butterfly was about to fly out from my stomach. But having my parents beside me and my brother and sister inlaw behind me made me invincible as i walked down the aisle with the biggest smile on my face knowing that today was my day and i had the support of all those that i loved the most.

Everything around looked so perfect, my decor was amazing, my guests were enjoying themselves, but i noticed there was no wedding cake on the stand- how awkward!! I smiled, i snidely signalled my aunt to come over and i asked her where the cake was, she told me not to worry because she was going to find out for me.

With the cake at the back of my mind, my gorgeous husband was now waiting at the entrance waiting to make his way to the stage by my side. Oh boy, he looked amazing, i hadnt seen him for 3 weeks and my longing for him made me miss him like crazy, i didnt know whether i wanted to laugh or cry, but i just needed to give him the biggest hug i could ever give him.

He slowly edged closer and closer and i could feel myself turning into the ‘shy indian bride’ with my eyes staring at the cream floor waiting to look up!!

The next words i heard were ‘Hello, you look amazing!!’ With the biggest grin on my face i stood up and gave my belived husband a big hug, he handed me a bouquet of red roses and i said ‘hello husband, im finally your wife’ our dreams, our plans, our prayers had now finally been answered and we were now one. We had nobody to hide our love from, no more sneaky random meet ups, no more late night calls, this was it, our union for life!!

We were both so happy and so excited, throughout the speeches i couldnt keep my hands off him, i held his hand tight and he kept looking into my eyes. In my heart i kept thanking god for answering my prayers.

As the evening went on, we both personally went round and greeted all our guests thanking them for attending our wedding, at this point, my aunt cane over and told me that the cake lady ‘forgot to make’ my cake, but she told me she had already conjured up an idea and there was going to be cake and i needn’t worry about anything.

To be honest, i didnt care! What was a cake compared to the love me and my husband shared!!!

My aunt managed to get 2 identical ready made cakes from our dessert table that my brother had ordered for me and set it up in a most beautiful way on the cake stand, she set it up in such a way that all the other guests didnt even realise that i had a cake issue. I cut the cake and i savoured tbe taste of it. It wasnt the cake i wanted, it didnt look the way i wanted it to be, but it saved the day!!


The time now i arrived where my parents had to finally give me away to my husband and his family, i’d promised them that i wouldnt cry again because if i cried, my mum would have a panic attack which could cause her to have a fit. I hugged each and every member of my family and i left happily, i could see my dad and grandma consoling my mum but i didnt want to go back to her, it would make matters worse, so i turned around, waved at her and signalled ‘I love you’ before leaving the venue.

I walked to the car with my husband and my family folllowed, i waved my final goodbye, my mum came to the car, i told her i was happy and i needed her to smile for me, which she did and then we drove off… To my whole new world, a new chapter in my life.

I would never change my wedding day for the world, all that planning, all those sleepless nights meant nothing to me the moment my husband held me in his arms and called me his wife.

The advice i’d give to all you brides to be would be:

  • AND MAKE SURE 2 weeks before the wedding you confirm everything with your suppliers.
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