Caffeine, Choices & Compliments


Caffeine, Choices & Compliments

Hello Brides to Be!

My fitness journey is continuing and I have had a few messages to say this is inspiring them to keep fit and active prior to their wedding and also continue it after – so its encouraged me to write this post…

This month I have increased my training and tried to improve my food. I use the word try because it still a working progress but one that is not far from realistic nutrition, not just pre-wedding but post too. What I did notice was when it comes to my food the colours matter to me as well as flavour.

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I rarely used to eat breakfast but since starting with bhavesh this changed and has me given some positive benefits such as me being in better in control of my choices during morning, less crashes and I’m mentally performing better at work.


When I first met up with Bhavesh he told me I need to check in with him every evening about my food, mood and thoughts (you would think this would be irritating but it’s actually really good and works in more ways then one – reflection of your day in general as well as checking in and knowing what you have eaten plus getting the all important feedback). Bhavesh it not just someone who gives you 1 hour of his time and teaches you how to curl your biceps…it’s more than that.

Prior to my first two sessions, I used to feel the whole “argh I cant be arsed” feeling, but now I visualise myself during that session and remember the feeling I have post session.

One thing I struggle with is upper back as it’s consistently tight and stiff.

Bhavesh has told me it’s a combination of things which is causing this; from a lack of activity, desk job, stress, weak and over dominant muscles, something that he has factored into my programming- no cookie cutter stuff here! Everything bespoke.


My shoulders and neck are so tight that I find it difficult to do some exercises. Had I have trained on my own I would have given up and thought oh forget it I’ll work on another area yet alone select the right exercises . Having Bhavesh with me makes me correct my body during exercises with him teaching me and cueing me correctly, strengthen my weaker areas, focusing on achieving each rep and in return it gives me better posture, the mind-set that I can achieve anything and all in all a fitter healthier body. Days of me training on my own are long gone and I wish I could take Bhavesh with me when I move!

I am so far learning how to make conscious choices with food, that doesn’t mean I sit there and calorie count (because that would be too boring and unrealistic for me).

Instead I use a method for me that’s suitable and works.

Bhav has taught me that I can work out and how to balance food with tactful methods, for example, if you know you’re going out to eat at the end of the week and you don’t want to sit there with the menu wondering what fits into your macros, eat better (i.e reduced calorie) during the week and be active enough to create a buffer allowing you to relax when you are out. It works well with my lifestyle and I don’t feel guilty nor feel like I’m on a diet

My caffeine intake has reduced MASSIVELY. I was a sucker for tea’s and mochas. I would say I would have on average 20 cups of tea a week and mochas at ALL my meetings (and I have a lot of those!). This has now been replaced with water, peppermint tea and when I have tea I use sweeteners not sugar. Is it hard? Well yes, nothing in life is easy (ok I lie, shopping is easy) but by changing my caffeine I have noticed a difference in hydration too!

It has only been a month since I have been training and others have noticed a change in my mental wellbeing, my figure and my food choices.

What’s a really lovely feeling is getting into my clothes comfortably again, especially the ones that felt they were sticking to by body and buttons were popping off!

What’s next for fitness other than more sessions with Bhavesh?

Well, I’m having a deep tissue sports massage with him this Saturday to loosen up those tight areas in hope it will help release some tension which in turn will help me perform better in my workouts.

I’m working on reducing my caffeine further and maybe I should work on my facial expressions at the gym LOL!



The fitness journey continues….

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