No. We are a flexible company that understand tying someone down to things is unfair – especially when you have a wedding to pay for. There are no minimum amount of consultations. We are there to help you as much as you need. We would recommend at least 2 consultations to ensure you fully take advantage of our specialities.

It is never too early to start getting ideas together, but the ideal timeframe for planning a wedding is 10 to 12 months. We are very keen on pre-planning as you can give a lot more to the preparation with great organisation.

Most couples don’t really have an idea of a budget as they are unsure about the aspects of the wedding they want. Some actually know exactly what they want but realise that the budget doesn’t fit that criteria. We help you create a realistic budget and direct you to the suppliers who can meet your needs.

Like the motto says, it is planning made simple! We offer flexible services that are tailored to your requirements. Our consultations offer the couple support along the wedding planning journey without the wedding planner cost! A very bespoke service.

We have carefully hand selected elite suppliers that fit the requirements of The Wedding Hub criteria – reliability, affordability & great customer service skills.

This will be dependent on the service you take. The co-ordinating service covers this.

We cater to all religions and do not discriminate.

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