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A letter to my engaged self

Exciting times are up ahead. A lot will be changing in the space of 7 months. Last month, you were making the most of single life; partying at festivals, late night drives with the besties for drinks, dinner and desserts and your new found hobby….shopping!!!! Everything is about to change, but you are in for a beautiful journey.


You’ve met somebody, got to know him for 1 month and you are engaged to be married 6 months later. You will be moving 242 miles away to a new city, will have to find a whole new job and adjust to living with a new… let’s face it… he is still a stranger! A whole different lifestyle lies ahead, but you are not overwhelmed. You are taking it in your stride and you are focusing on what’s great in your life right now and making the most of it, spending as much time with your family and friends as possible.


I do have to remind you of one thing though; you are getting married in 6 months! Stop putting all your energy into your career and house search. Take in the fact that you are a bride to be. This engagement period is beautiful! And it is all about you!  Go to the wedding fayres; try on every different style of wedding dress, set up a pinterest and a mood board.


I know that you think that you are not all that into the minor details, but it will bug you later on in life. Yes, the day does go fast and is over in a wink, but the memories last forever. Agreed, mum is super creative and has it all under control, but give her some guidance as to YOUR dream. Every wedding that comes after, you will be taken back to yours. You want to make sure right now that everything is how you want, so that you are always going to stay content. Now’s the time to make sure you have no regrets.


All you want is for your family and friends to have a great time. You want them to get dressed up and just enjoy the day, mingle and enjoy the food. “Everything else doesn’t matter.” Oh, but it does! Every time somebody mentions wedding cake, it makes you squirm at how much of a cow the baker was when she sent you a last minute text to tell you your cake isn’t ready! And then after all that attitude, the top tier flopped and the cake was yellow and distasteful when cut inside. Every time you see a facebook suggestion for the MUA who never turned up to do your mum’s makeup and blocked your calls, you’ll boil inside. Your colleague did warn you that she had been a no-show for her friend’s wedding. Every time you think of the good memories you had with one of your ‘best’ friends who was meant to pick you up on the morning of the wedding and take you to the venue… just for quality time… but never did actually turn up even thought you kept calling her for an HOUR AND A HALF after she was due to attend, the memories turn sour. And then when all the other friends get married one by one after you and the girls now decide it is very very important to be punctual after they didn’t attend your home at 09:30, the morning of, so you could give them their bespoke gifts that you spent a lot of thought and effort in to. I know they did receive the gifts, but I have no idea when and didn’t actually get to see the moment! These things happen… you are going to be let down. The one thing that was most important to you was that the ceremony was heard in the venue. You put into place Plan A, B AND C. You had lots of people on the job and you even made clear to your dad and the manager of the venue that you want to make sure that the ceremony is heard throughout the venue. It is important to you that all the women and girls can also be part of the prayers. Of course, it didn’t happen. WHAT an eventful morning, and you haven’t even seen your new husband yet. It is only 11:00 am!


2.5 years later you’ll be sat here typing this blog. On the internet explorer page in the background you are searching for a VISA for your 2 year wedding anniversary epic journey. You made a great choice. The wedding was fun. But God, those mishaps still grate on you! You wish you would’ve planned more; relied less on friends take more of an actual interest in the wedding day. You also remember how you were so focused on the house search and career, but he found you an amazing place to live in that you didn’t even know about, and you were given a career opportunity that you could have only dreamt about whilst you were studying.



You are about to embark on a beautiful journey… and it all begins now.

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