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The perfect beginning…

The wedding industry is forever growing and buzzing – I want a slice of the cake!


My love for events started with my first ever fundraising fashion show in 2012. I loved the buzz of planning, the running around, getting creative, the to-ing and fro-ing. The best reward at the end is watching all the hard work from you and your team come together on the BIG day and having 100’s of guests leave the event smiling.


I started joining the talented Manisha Champaneri (Make Up Artist) as a model at her wedding exhibitions and spoke to so many brides about how their planning was going. Some just wanted the extra guidance and know what to look for and where, whilst others said they want a wedding planner, but believed it’s an added cost so were put off by the whole idea. That’s why I was determined to set something totally different; The Wedding Hub will provide the creativity needed for a wedding, at a wonderfully affordable price. I want to give brides the opportunity of having consultations/planning with an expert in the industry, but not at a ridiculous cost – weddings cost enough as it is!


I met up with Ricky Shah, a business consultant, from Accelerate Yourself to put some ideas forward and have his expertise shed some light on the concept – he saw some great potential so I got to work straight away! November 2015, I hand selected specific suppliers that I have worked with previously and know to be reliable, affordable and fun to work with. We got together, put pen to paper and decided to collaborate and build a partnership between supplier & The Wedding Hub.


So a team has been created, the business is almost ready to be launched, plans to add quirky ideas into couple’s journeys are being put in place and we are almost set to go!


It’s been a perfect beginning for what’s looking to be an amazing journey…

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