The Wedding Hub Fitness Diary with Bhavesh Chohan

Week 1

Monday 13th April I popped over to see Bhavesh Chohan, a skilled personal trainer based in Leicester, in hope to have a toned body for my wedding in August. Now I’m not one for sizes so I don’t “aim” to be a size and where’s the fun in chasing a number? What I do aim for is that “feeling good” factor. I tried on my wedding dresses (yes I have two because I have to be EXTRA about everything!) and they were big for me so I didn’t have that “need” to lose weight, instead I wanted to feel good so I signed up to PT that day! One thing that stuck with me that day was Bhavesh’s words something along the lines of “its a life style change, not just a short term aim until the wedding”, and he’s right! We spend so much money on other areas of our life but what about what is really important to keep us going – OUR HEALTH?

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Instantly, Bhavesh made me feel motivated and ready for a session and the dreaded measurements the following Monday. The time from the meeting until the first session I was meant to start using Bhavesh’s REALISTIC guide on food. None of this no dressings on salads and sauces with food like I have been taught before with a different PT (yes I adhered to it and it was not a realistic lifestyle change) but more of an implementation of more protein as I’m vegetarian and also helping me work out what causing my stomach to inflame (current health issues which no one knows why I look 5 months pregnant after food – and NO it isn’t IBS). BUT I hit a low. Why? Well I sort of LOVE my coffee’s and mocha’s – call it my weakness. You take that away I am grumpy, lethargic and not nice to be around LOL so currently we are trying to ease of my approx. 8 coffees a week and my mocha meetings – so if any of you clients have meetings with me soon make sure you warn me off the mocha #bridalsupport!

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Week 2

Had my first session Monday 20th and WOW. 1 hour with Bhavesh was enough to 1) make me cry (in a good way) 2) make my legs feel like jelly 3) want MORE. We got straight to the session and I instantly felt like I need to train more because I felt really unfit. Wedding aside, I shouldn’t be feeling so out of breath within first 5 seconds of an exercise – and that was ONLY my first day. At one point during a leg press I almost started crying because I literally couldn’t take anymore, Bhavesh wouldn’t have any of it – I know that sounds pretty awful but you have to be cruel to be kind because I finished the reps and I felt great knowing I powered through. Now if I was in the gym on my own I would have gave up at the first hurdle, driven off to a chippy and drowned my sorrows with good old chip shop curry sauce! This way I had a PT ensuring I stuck to my guns, gave me that empowering feeling and I went home and had a protein shake…

Week 3

With such a busy lifestyle its difficult to fit time in for anything so I went a week without (naughty me – sorry Bhavesh) but I am now at a stage where I need to make PT a priority not for him, not for the wedding but for my HEALTH. I used to train before and remember picking up a dishwasher from my dads van on my own without any assistance – you’d be lucky if I could pick up a glass without getting of breath. LOL. So Week 4 has arrived and I will be training at 8.30am with the aim to get another training session in during the week as 1 session is just not enough. Luckily, I don’t have lbs to lose but muscle to gain (which actually can be harder) so I need to prioritise and make time for it. Lets see how the following week goes…

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